Level-3 Payments

Making Better Business
Of B2B Transactions.

  • Decreased Interchange Fees
  • Saved Data for Future Transactions
  • Expert Qualification Assistance
  • Increased Risk and Fraud Protection
  • Simplified Accounting
  • B2B & B2G, Internet, Invoice, and Mail Order

Taking Level-3 Processing To The Next Level

Purchasing, corporate and business cards are increasingly being used in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) purchases for payment of purchase orders and invoices. Level-3 data provides descriptive line item detail about the products sold, and can include the product part number, product description, quantity, unit of measure, and price. So how do we fit into all this? Well, we've made it easy to add these level-3 processing data fields to your order detail. Which means you can decrease your interchange fees by an average of 25%, while simultaneously lessening your risk exposure. It's a simple way to save time and money.

No Data Left Behind

We save it all -- every single bit of your customers' payment details. We're kind of like hoarders. Very, very efficient ones.

A Simple Review

Before our relationship begins, we will consult with your team to determine your card categories that qualify for level-3 Interchange. And once you've begun processing, we will keep on monitoring your qualification levels to ensure accuracy and proper streamlining.

Why is Level-3 news now?

Corporations and businesses are aggressively adopting purchasing, corporate, and business credit cards to help reduce administrative expenses and eliminate unneeded paperwork.

In addition, a bill unanimously accepted by the Senate called The Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act would require government agencies to utilize only level-3 enabled vendors to ensure safeguarding authorized purchases

How can a more complex transaction cost less?

It's all about the process. Business, commercial, and purchasing cards are used just like personal credit and debit cards. But when these B2B and B2G transactions are sent through the proper Level-3 channels, the chances of fraud and chargeback are lowered...and so are the rates.

Is there Level-1 and Level-2 Data?

Yes. Level-1 information is collected in a swiped sale, and Level-2 is the basic information obtained in a manually keyed transaction.

What are GSA Smart Cards?

The GSA SmartPay program serves more than 350 federal agencies and organizations. Merchants that wish to obtain a schedule contract to do business with the Federal government are required to accept GSA charge cards as a method of payment for purchases under $3,000. Our gateway supports all GSA transactions.

What are the differences in fees with level-3 rates?

Visa Business Interchange

2.65% + $.10: Purchasing CNP
= Keyed business transaction

2.40% + $.10: Purchasing Retail
= Swiped business transaction

2.20% + $.10: Commercial Card Retail
= Swiped or keyed business card transaction

2.05% + $.10: Level II Data Rate
= Transactions w/ level II data

1.95% + $.10: Level III Data Rate
= Transactions w/ level III data

Transactions over $6,980 qualify for Large Ticket Interchange rates of 1.45% + $35.00

MasterCard Corporate Interchange

2.65% + $.10: Data Rate I
= Swiped / keyed business transaction

2.40% + $.10: Data Rate II – Purchasing
= Purchasing transactions w/ level II data

2.20% + $.10: Data Rate II – Business
= Business transactions w/ level II data

2.15% + $.10: Data Rate II – Corporate
= Corporate transactions w/ level II data

1.80% + $.10: Data Rate III
= Transactions w/ level III data

Transactions over $7,255 qualify for Large Ticket Interchange rates of 1.25% + $40.00